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Decontamination Services


Mold can appear in a home or even a commercial building for several reasons. One of the most common causes is water infiltration. Action must be taken immediately before it grows too large. In which case people in contact with this environment may develop health problems.

How and where to find them?

They are usually found in the corners of walls and ceilings, behind furniture, on bathroom tiles or around windows (places that may eventually get wet). You can also smell the mold even before you have found its location. Usually a "musty" smell that reminds you of soil or alcohol ... Water on the walls, peeling wallpaper, or rot stains are also indications of mold.

Removing mold from a wall in a house or other dwelling is essential because it can cause several physical disorders such as: eye irritation, nose and throat irritation, difficulty breathing, cough, fever, nausea, clinical fatigue etc.…

In most cases the symptoms disappear in people once the mold has been decontaminated, but in some more sensitive people it can cause irreversible health problems hence the need to resolve the problem as quickly as possible once detected.

Decontamination must also be done in houses previously used for the cultivation of cannabis. In fact, these cannabis plantations cause great damage to a property because the humidity level maintained in these plantations is very high and aeration is not optimal. The high humidity level leads to emergence of mold.

An electric meter possibly tampered by cutting off the electric mast or even simply a new electric mast are clues that may indicate that the house has been used for growing cannabis in the past.

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Mold decontamination

As soon as a mold problem is identified and the source of moisture is known, decontamination of the premises must be carried out without delay, whether the exposed persons show symptoms or not. Mold on coatings and building materials brings contaminants into the indoor air of a home, which can affect the health of occupants.

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Cleaning (unsanitary conditions, blood damage)

Cleaning may be necessary in several cases:

  • After moving into a new home left in an unsanitary condition by its former occupants, or tenants
  • An owner who needs to renovate his home to rent it again in acceptable conditions.
  • A cause of death is also a (sensitive) cleaning reason (after natural death, suicide, attempted suicide, or even after murder).

The steps needed to effectively clean the housing:

Protection of the premises, removal of soiled materials, safe disposal of debris, then complete disinfection (including walls, ceilings, floors, doors and frames, furniture, etc.), and finally finishing with an effective odor treatment.

Visit the Blood damage and death cleaning section for more details.

Especially throughout the pandemic period, we offer a daily disinfection service. Disinfection is an effective means for the prevention and decontamination of the coronavirus (COVID-19).


Demolition can be done in several cases and in various ways:

It can be a complete demolition of a house or a building. In this case the work can be large-scale or complex and may require experts which Solution Decontamination will be able to provide.

It can also be a partial demolition in the case of renovation work on a house or building. Demolition can also be needed after a disaster such as water damage or fire. Once the urgent work is done, it will be time to move on to the demolition step.

In case of asbestos and mold contamination, certain situations will require demolishing before getting to the decontamination step.

No need to call on two different contractors since Solution Decontamination has all the licenses, training, and expertise required for this type of work.

After disaster demolition
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Before 1985, many houses were built using plaster mixed with asbestos.

Among the health problems that can be caused by a long-term exposure to asbestos, there are three diseases related to respiratory problems that can be fatal: lung cancer, asbestosis and mesothelioma. This is why it is critical specialists such as Solution Decontamination must step in to efficiently decontaminate if asbestos is detected. This solution will give you the certainty you now have an asbestos-free environment before undertaking renovations, redevelopments or even demolition.

Asbestos remediation

Decontamination (residential or commercial)

Is your home contaminated?

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We are the specialists in restoring the air quality to your home according to Health Canada standards.

We offer the following services:

  • Mold decontamination
  • Vermiculite decontamination
  • Asbestos decontamination
  • Cleaning of ventilation ducts
  • Demolition and reconstruction services
  • Jet cleaning
  • Dry ice
  • Recycled glass
  • Sand (Sandblast)

All these services, for both residential and commercial dwelling.

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