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Experts in the removal and decontamination of mold, vermiculite, and asbestos

Restore clean air quality to your home in less than 36 hours according to Health Canada guidelines


Décontamination de moisissures

Mold removal and decontamination

A tailored mold decontamination protocol that suits your needs, will save you money, and give you peace of mind.

Décontamination de vermiculite

Vermiculite remediation

Our vermiculite removal service is guaranteed. After the work is completed, if the air test shows that there are still vermiculite particles present we will start our process from the beginning for free.

Décontamination d'amiante

Asbestos remediation

Our experts will be pleased to offer you a personalized asbestos remediation service specific to your situation at the most competitive price.

Nettoyage des conduits de ventilation

Ventilation ducts cleaning

Let our experts conduct a thorough inspection of your ventilation ducts and give you a detailed report of their actual condition.

Services de démolition et de reconstruction

Demolition and restoration services

We will accurately analyze the cost of all cleaning and restoration processes required for the rehabilitation of your property.

Nettoyage au jet

Water pressure cleaning

Our water pressure cleaning method allows us to eliminate deposits before they turn into a nightmare for you. We ensure that no duct obstruction nor breakage will happen.


Decontamination services

Solution Decontamination is a leader in mold, vermiculite, and asbestos removal and decontamination. Our main goal is to help people live in the healthiest environment possible.

We completely understand how stressful it can get when mold, vermiculite and other high-risk contamination components like asbestos is discovered in your living environment, workspace, or commercial property.

That is why it is so important for Solution Decontamination to get you through this unfortunate situation with the assistance of certified experts that will offer you a complete and efficient plan.

Our goal :
Restore the quality of air in your home in less than 36 hours based on Health Canada guidelines.

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Why choose a decontamination expert company to help you fix the problem?

Here are few symptoms that could be the results of mold exposure you should be aware of:

Children, elderly, and pregnant women are usually more sensitive to mold exposure. If you or other members of your household start having difficulties breathing normally, we recommend an air test to know if there is any mold contamination in your home.

Where mold can be found?

Inside mold growth is usually found in hidden spots and is often tough to reach. There is less ventilation in areas with restricted access, which typically leads to trapped humidity and bacteria overgrowth. In cases of mold found inside your home or workspace, it is particularly important to remove and decontaminate the infected areas considering your frequent and long-term exposure.

Do you require decontamination services?

The following situations may affect the quality of air inside your home:

  • Flooding /Sewage disruption
  • Pre-existing flooding damages
  • Presence of cannabis cultivation
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Water infiltration / Hidden defects
  • Ongoing damages due to poor workmanship
  • Presence of Mold (visible or not)
  • Traces of vermiculite in the attic, underneath the floors or in the walls

Refer to our decontamination services section to see all the details about the services we offer.

Rétablir la qualite d'air pour que votre chez vous redevienne doux.


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